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Medical design

Our motto is: “No duck face!”
(filler swelling & fake-looking). We do face sculpting design. Our work always looks natural, jewelry and comprehensive.

Qualified Doctor

We have a wide range of clinical experience not only in cosmetology, but also in dermatology, plastic surgery and general health with board-certified doctors.

Emergency Care

We provide fast, convenient, safe and high quality face care.Therefore, we spend more time studying your face and asking questions.

Why People Choose newface?

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We provide a natural and exclusive design of the face, lips, etc. People chose us because of this main advantage.

Equally important - our costs are affordable, we work with other doctors and have affordable skin care products

our procedures


The latest non-surgical and innovative way to redefine your silhouette and help lose persistent areas of fat that will not shift with a healthy diet.


Anti wrinkles injections

Thread face lift

Mesotherapy face & hair

Cheek contouring

Tear trough fillers

Nose reshaping fillers

Lip Enhacement

Hydrolyft Prophilo

Dermal fillers

Anti-Sweat Injections

Welcome to our BIOTECHNOLOGY

fibroblast rejuvenation

stem cell rejuvenation



Placenta extract therapy


for men

for women

Welcome to our PHYSIOTHERAPY

Welcome to our DERMATOLOGY

skin treatments

skin scan & analysis

skin peels


removal of neoplasms and moles

acne & oily skin


stubborn fat

rosacea / redness

Welcome to our TRICHOLOGY

Welcome to our HAIR REMOVAL

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Laser Yair Removal

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If you do not want to make an appointment now, just fill out the form with the valid data and we will conduct a general free consultation online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a program like “refer a friend”?

Yes, until the end of the month the following program is in effect: 1 referral = 10% discount, 2 referrals = $ 50 gift voucher. New patient receives a promotional procedure from discount price as a gift

What is medical design?

Face is a valuable indicator of health. Face and body care should be carried out regularly in order to remain successful. An aesthetic face is a sign of intelligence, which is very important for maintaining effective communication and successful work. Rashes, poor skin color, dry skin, wrinkles, sagging - can be treated quickly using our computer diagnostics and medical aesthetic care called MEDICAL DESIGN

What can you say about faces on Instagram?

The Insta-look doesn't come cheap. Everyone chooses from two ways to look good on Instagram: medical cosmetology or Facetune & Photoshop (smiley) We make geometric aesthetics and natural beauty with easy and invisible correction. Our procedures are affordable and not expensive

What determines the effect of your procedures?

One cube or syringe of the Juvederm filler, which is usually used, is technically less than 1 teaspoon 5 times ... But in fact, the effect of face design depends not only on volume, but also on the distribution of material on the face. According to the author’s method, the filler is distributed in such a way that the results become more visible and correct aesthetically and not so dramatic.

What can you say about the same duck lips of girls on instagram?

There are no two identical lips and there are no two people who want the same results, so we create individual treatment plans for each lips of each patient. Individual lips will never be like a duck

Why do modern girls have so many identical duck faces?

I have found that most doctors prefer their work to look supernatural. But it's not right. All parts of the face and body must be in harmony. If the face is aesthetically correct, you need to emphasize the pluses and hide the minuses. And only if the aesthetics of the face is severely impaired, then make a strong correction

Why do I need online support?

If you have any question, you can ask it in the messenger according to the schedule and get a free consultation of a doctor of aesthetic medicine before or after the procedure

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